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  • To protect your investment, weft sealing is recommended, as it helps the hair to withstand combing, brushing, styling etc. 
  • During installation, please sew AROUND wefts as opposed to through the wefts, this prolongs the durability of your wefts, and allows for multiple installs and less shedding and tangling.
  • We do not recommend excessive heat, excessive washing and use of products with drying agents like alcohol. Treat this hair just as if it were your own; it prone to heat damage just like naturally growing hair. 
  • Wash with a mild shampoo and follow with a moisturizing conditioner. For curly hair, co-washing (washing with conditioner only) twice weekly is optimal, as curly hair tends to require more moisture.
  • Finger comb the hair in soft downward strokes while washing; do not rustle or bunch the hair together, as this promotes tangling.
  • Use a wide tooth comb to detangle hair during conditioning.
  • Do not use leave-in conditioners for more than a few days, as this can cause product built up and give the hair a heavy or dry look. 
  • Do not blow-dry unless absolutely necessary. Use a diffuser head on wavy and curly hair (blowdrying without a diffuser has a straightening effect on wavy hair).
  • Wrap hair in a satin material at night, or sleep on silk or satin pillowcase
  • Friction causes breakage and split ends; avoid excessive brushing, rubbing, scratching. For lace wigs, avoid placing product near the "roots"
  • Wash hair after immediately swimming. Use a swim cap.
Recommended Products: Organix Argan Creme conditioner, Dove Intense Moisture, Garnier Fructis for Curls, One n' Only product line (available at Sally's Beauty Supply)
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