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Versatility: Vigin hair can be styled just like your real hair, Go from straight and sleek one day to wand curls the next. It will not lose its natural texture/pattern . Virgin curls will always rebound after washing and frequent styling.
Durability: Virgin hair can withstand a variety of chemical and mechanical treatments, unlike its remy and lower level beauty supply store remy/human hair counterparts. It is healthier hair. The longevity of virgin hair tends to offset its higher cost, which can prove to be a better investment over time.
Longevity: Beauty supply store hair--even "remy" beauty supply store hair will not last more than one installation before common problems--- excess shedding, tangling, matting and/or loss of curl pattern --ensues and threatens to ruin your investment. Virgin hair, with proper care can last a very long time, through multiple installations.
Bottom line: Virgin hair looks and acts like natural hair---because it is!!
CONS: Virgin hair, though more durable and versatile, can be difficult to blend with hair textures that are out of its range. If you are looking for a particular hair texture, coarseness, a uniform curl pattern, or luster, then virgin hair may not be  right for you. It is also more costly than remy and beauty supply store hair lines.

"Remy" means cuticles are unilateral, which means all the hair follicles flow in the same direction.  This greatly minimizes tangling. Non-remy human hair, beauty supply store hair, and low quality human hair is not treated as such. Remy hair can be  processed for color, coarseness, or texture/curl. Virgin remy hair is usually processed, but only slightly, and usually with steam/vapor only, NEVER chemicals. This is usually done to impart a wave or curl pattern to the hair, but it also helps to sanitize the hair while preserving its desirable qualities (softness, health, minimum tangling) and making the hair a bit more "predictable" with regards to curl pattern and texture. Remy hair comes in its virgin color, so there may be variations between bundles.  When properly maintained, remy hair lasts through multiple installations and many months. 

Virgin Hair is the best and highest quality hair in the market. Virgin hair is not chemically altered or processed. Its follicles also run in the same direction. True Virgin hair is collected in ponytails from donors, washed, wefted, then sold "au naturel" . The hair comes in its original colors and textures, so there will be noticeable variations in both of these characteristics between bundles. Virgin hair, because of its unprocessed form, is reactive to the elements and products used. It may not "like" a particular shampoo or conditioner, but will respond to another. It may frizz or flyaway  slightlywhen confronted with humidity or static. This can be easily controlled with proper products, however some like this reactivity as it lends an even more natural appearance to their style.

Both Remy and Virgin hair may be lifted, colored/bleached, permed, but the degree to which it can withstand these processes will vary as they are different grades of hair. We advise you seek professional help before attempting to process hair in any way. Once chemically treated, the hair is no longer considered "virgin" 

Each bundle weighs 3.4-3.7 ounces. We recommend purchasing 2-3 bundles for rating lengths 16 inches and below, depending on desired style, length and volume. For resting lengths 18 inches and up, three bundles or more is recommended. Please note wavy and curly patterns will rest a bit shorter than actual length, as the hair is measured when pulled straight.
Barring any traumatic chemical or mechanical processing you may choose to perform on your hair, it can last up to 12months with proper maintenance and handling. Virgin hair will likely last longer.
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